No Condo Fees Until OCTOBER 2020!

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FAQs - Price & Design


What is included in the price?

All the usual inclusions, such as toilets (low-flow), tubs, countertops, flooring (high-end vinyl plank), sinks, the drawer knobs, backsplash tile, doors and door hinges (etc.) are included in the price. 

Vaulted ceilings, hot water on demand, triple glazed windows, ICF Block party walls, and appliances (Fridge, Stove, Microwave/Hood vent) are also included in the price. 

We have allotted a generous budget so that you can choose your colour/pattern of tile, flooring, countertops, paint colours, cupboards etc. to make your home feel like your own. 

Please see our section on customization deadlines. 

Your layouts are nice, but I wish it had…. Can I tweak the design?

None of the interior walls are load-bearing, so if you want a bit more space in your laundry room, no closet in your second bedroom, or a small closet and oversized ensuite, we can make those changes for you. Depending on the stage of completion, there may be restrictions or additional costs.

Please contact us to discuss your specific request so there are no surprises. 

I prefer drawers rather than cupboards in my kitchen, it this possible?

Since we are custom ordering each kitchen to fit the space, we are able to make adjustments based on your preferences. Please contact us to discuss your specific request so there are no surprises.

Can I upgrade my flooring/countertops/tile etc?

Of course! We would be happy to work with you to find the perfect product for your design ideas. You will simply be charged for any products or installation which exceed the budgeted amount. Please see our section on customization deadlines.

When do I need to make decisions to make changes to the layout/fixtures/flooring/paint etc.?

Customization Deadlines - The earlier you are part of the process, the easier it is to make changes and decisions. We will work with you throughout the process to ensure that your new home suits your own personal style and needs, however there are stages of the build where it becomes costly to make changes. While we are able to accommodate most changes requested, depending on the stage of construction and finishing, additional costs for these would be passed onto the buyer. 

We will communicate those deadlines to each homeowner as they arrive for their unit, and help with choosing the right product for each home. 

FAQs - Moving in & Construction


When can I expect to move in?

Some units are already occupied!

Fully finished units are  move-in ready, others are in the early stages of interior construction therefore timelines of 6-8 weeks (depending on the unit) would apply.

We will discuss specific timelines with each owner as units are  purchased. 

Will there still be construction happening when I move in?

Depending on the completion date of your unit, you might notice that the interior of an adjacent unit is still being finished. 

All exterior construction is completed. 

Landscaping will be completed as weather permits.

FAQs - Noise & Privacy

Concrete pre-formed fence around Conerstone Place Pincher Creek

I am worried that it is a busy area of town and it is near the firehall.

While Hewetson does see a fair amount of traffic, Charlotte is typically quiet except for local traffic. The fencing around the complex is solid concrete and is intended to create privacy and reduce any traffic noise. The exteriors of the townhomes are built to further limit noise. Noise from sirens is limited, as responders use the sirens only when necessary.

Will I hear my neighbours?

Typically, developments where you hear your neighbours use 2x4 construction and drywall as soundproofing between each unit (similar to what is used between rooms within the unit). Cornerstone Place units are separated by Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) blocks which is significantly more soundproof than standard methods.

Will there be privacy fencing between my yard and the street?

Around the complex is a solid concrete panel fence, which varies from 4-8 feet in height. The fence along the creek allows for views from the units and yet provides privacy from those walking along the pathway. 

Each unit has their own gate to access Charlotte Street (easy access to extra parking) or onto the creek paths.

The main entrance to the complex is not fenced or gated, to make it easier for visitors and deliveries, and to avoid the 'gated community' feel. 

FAQs - Homeowners Agreement


How much are the Home Owner Association Fees?

Home Owner Association Fees are currently set at $250/month.

The developer is covering the fee for each unit until October 2020!

What is covered in the Fee?

Town of Pincher Creek utilities (Water, Sewer & Garbage). All Exterior Maintenance including lawn care and snow removal. Common Area Insurance and contribution to the Capital Reserve Fund.

Contact us for specifics.

FAQs - Parking


Where will my friends & family park when they come to visit?

There are visitor parking spots in the complex, as well as ample parking available on both Hewetson Ave and Charlotte Street. 

Units backing on to Charlotte Street can access the street through their yard.

How big is the Attached Garage?

You can fit a single vehicle and some storage in the attached, single-car garage. A crossover or SUV leaves plenty of room for additional storage. That being said, we CAN fit our F150 inside with space left for storage.